Gottverlassenes New York

Auch in der niemals schlafenden Metropole gibt es Orte der Stille. Der Fotograf Will Ellis zeigt sie in seinem Buch «Abandoned NYC»

The Gowanus "Batcave" once housed machinery to power Brooklyn's rapid transit system, but it's better known for the thriving community of squatters it hosted in the early 2000s. The building is currently being renovated into artists' studios and an exhibition space. Kings Park Psychiatric Center on Long Island was one of the largest mental institutions on the East Coast. A craft room on the ground floor still held looms, half finished rugs, and murals painted by patients. (Will Ellis/ Ferns prosper from a moss-caked poolside at Grossinger's Catskills Resort in Liberty, NY. The hotel was popular among well-heeled Jewish New Yorkers in the 50s and 60s and served as the inspiration for "Dirty Dancing." The Loews 46th St. Theater 26ca0d510b74d8bc-WillEllis_Portfolio_AbandonedNYC-104 973706f9b3f510df-WillEllis_NewYorkPortfolioReview_04 d80db911efb42744-WillEllis_NewYorkPortfolioReview_08 b3245a93c633b4cc-WillEllis_NewYorkPortfolioReview_13 d56cb7be35691b32-WillEllis_AbandonedNYC_ProfanityHouse-2 A dormitory teeters on the verge of collapse in the Staten Island Farm Colony, an institution constructed in the late nineteenth century to house and rehabilitate the city's poor. Though it's designated as a landmark district, no effort has been made to preserve the structures.




Über drei Jahre hat der in Brooklyn lebende Fotograf Will Ellis zwischen Manhatten und Queens nach einsamen und verlassen Gebäuden gesucht. Die besten 150 Aufnahmen der 16 mysteriösesten und schönsten Geisterorte sind in seinem Buch „Abandoned NYC“ zu sehen. Ergänzt werden die Fotografien mit interessanten historischen Informationen zu den abgebildeten Orten.